Links to some of my writing in the last few months

Here’s some some cross-links to reports, articles and media that were up in December/January.

‘The sharing economy: how over-regulation could destroy an economic revolution’ (co-author was Chris Berg). This report can be downloaded here. It was featuredin The Australian here. I was interviewed on SBS radio about this here and I wrote a guest post for the OECD on the topic here.

Freedom to teach: a research report on the work and conditions of teachers in Australia’ (co-author was Vicki Stanley). This report can be downloaded here. It was featured on the front page of The Australian here and was the topic of The Australian editorial the following day.

Journal Articles:

Moilanen J, Daly A, Lobato R, and Allen D, (2015) ‘Cultures of sharing in 3D printing: what can we learn from the licence choices of Thingiverse users?’ Journal of Peer Production 6. Available here.

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