Trumping architecture (IPA Review)

A provocative speaker at the 2016 World Architecture Festival has thrown his politically correct industry into a tailspin with calls to scrap social housing, privatise public space and stop land zoning. In the speech, Patrik Schumacher, principal at world-renowned Zaha Hadid Architects, argued that housing crises would never end without a big dose of free-market … Continue reading Trumping architecture (IPA Review)

Civilised economics (IPA Review)

From Friedrich Hayek to Ludwig von Mises, contemporary Austrian economics is closely associated with familiar, classically liberal views. Put simply, the Austrian tradition focuses on why and how decentralised planning and individual decision-making is necessary to maintain an orderly society, and comes with a scepticism and reluctance towards government interference. But this interpretation of Austrian … Continue reading Civilised economics (IPA Review)

The case for personal income tax cuts (IPA Review)

  Tax reform would benefit by following one simple motif: don’t tax what you want more of. It follows that cutting income tax rates should be a boon for the Australian economy--freeing up labour markets, incentivising work, and stimulating entrepreneurship. If only politics were that simple. With tax reform on the agenda, and at a … Continue reading The case for personal income tax cuts (IPA Review)

Lessons from private cities (IPA Review)

Cities are complex creatures in constant flux. Some cities grow and thrive, while others wither and die. A tussle between top-down regulation (by governments) and bottom-up decision-making (by individuals) makes cities difficult to plan. City planners successfully navigate these uncertain waters by accounting for future contingencies and enabling flexibility for bottom-up innovation. A radically new … Continue reading Lessons from private cities (IPA Review)